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Gonçalo co-founded MAGOP with António with the ambition of creating a leading one-stop shop consulting company focused in the Portuguese market. His solid Corporate Finance and Management Consulting experience, allied with António's entrepreneurial spirit and investors' network, led them to the creation of an ambitious project to which they called MAGOP. Gonçalo leads consulting projects at MAGOP in the areas of Strategic and Business Planning for private and public-sector entities, Project Finance for real estate funds and developers, and also investment advisory for family offices. Prior to joining MAGOP, he was a business analyst at A. T. Kearney, where he focused  in the Portuguese banking, utilities and distribution sectors. Gonçalo graduated with distinction in Economics (BSc) at Nova SBE, receiving merit scholarships for a MSc in Finance in the same institution and for an undergoing executive MBA at ISCTE. Gonçalo is not only an affictionate learner, but also a passionate teacher of Finance at Nova SBE.  In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, reading and playing tennis.




By realizing the turning of the economic cycle after the Portuguese sovereign debt crisis, António decided to drop his Management degree to found a Real Estate business during 2015. One year later he and Gonçalo co-founded MAGOP with the ambition of creating a leading one-stop shop consulting company focused in the Portuguese market. His investors' network allied with Gonçalo's technical background in Corporate Finance and Management Consulting led them to the creation of an ambitious project to which they called MAGOP. António has been leading the growth in the Foreign Investment Advisory segment, taking advantage of his high capacity to create bonds with investors. He has been advising family offices and individuals mainly from the Middle East, Asia and the United States in their investments in Portugal, through real estate or corporate acquisitions. He enjoys travelling and is a true sports' lover, especially football, which made him join the presidency of Sport Futebol Damaiense, where he has been delivering efforts to create value for the club and the community in the latest years.

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João is a financial advisory specialist with expertise in transaction services and financial restructuring in the corporate and financial services sectors. He is currently finishing the Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA) for investment professionals offered by the CFA Institute. Prior to joining MAGOP, João has worked nearly 5 years in the Financial Services Group at KPMG Portugal, where he was distinguished with a fast-tracked career performance. His experience at KPMG covers vast participation in advisory services to top tier banks and investment funds in Portugal, including a range of financial vendor-due diligences services, Special Inspections Programs of Financial Institutions, business planning services and credit portfolio transactions. João holds a Master's degree in Finance and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Nova School of Business and Economics, having earned a merit scholarship for achieving top academic performance. Apart from his finance oriented career, João is a passionate reader and a lifelong learner, always aiming for a constant pursuit of knowledge in multiple fields of interest. In his spare time he enjoys running, boardgames and traveling. 

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Senior Consultant

Dawn is a financial advisor in the fields of credit analysis for cross-border acquisition projects and for SMEs and MNCs in the technology and energy sectors. On the side, Dawn is also very active in bridging the Portuguese and Chinese startup ecosystems and building connections. Her strong interests in exploring the innovation in the financial service industry, including fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency have also opened up the door to the startup scene. Prior to joining MAGOP, Dawn has spent  more than 4 years in the European banking sector where she accumulated the know-how and experience in structuring deals, financial analysis, financial planning and modeling. Dawn holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics in Portugal and a Bachelor’s Degree from Guangdong University of Finance in China. As a life-long learner bearing huge curiosity for the world, she spends most of her free time learning new things through reading and meeting people.

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Business Developer

Tiago started his career as a cartographer, following his long-lived passion about nature, adventure and landscaping.

He later decided to make a career shift to the business world and met MAGOP's founders, that saw in him the hard working spirit and eagerness to learn, required to succeed in any business environment.

Since joining MAGOP, Tiago has been evolving from an office manager to a well-rounded business developer capable of finding new growth opportunities  for MAGOP.

In his free times he enjoys photography and doing outdoor sports, specially orienteering racing, road cycling, and running.  

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Head of Digital Transformation

Filipe is a financial economist with expertise in consumer finance, labor, credit risk, and retail banking. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to that, Filipe went to Nova School of Business and Economics to pursue a Bachelor's in Economics and an Master's in Finance. At NOVA, Filipe was a researcher in the NOVA Health Economics and Management knowledge center, and taught courses in Quantitative Methods and Finance. Besides his academic experience, Filipe worked as an IT Consultant, and develops various business and policy-oriented consulting projects as a freelancer. He led a COVID testing taskforce, performing cost-effectiveness analysis of testing labs for the coronavirus disease. Filipe is not only devoted to finance: he describes himself as an eager reader, an avid coder, and an eternal learner.

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